Hardwood floors and wood products

Having our own hardwood flooring manufacture for over thirty years, Armand Malo inc. specializes in the production and sale of hardwood floors of high quality. We also offer a wide selection of hardwood and other derived products; hardwood wood steps, handrails, columns, paneling, moldings, baseboards, decking and beam hemlock, amongst others.

We have a large floor inventory, you can get your wood floor for a subsequent finishing of your choice, pre-oiled or pre-varnished. Several wood types are available such as maple, oak, cherry, mahogany, ash, pine and others. Refer to this section to see all the types of wood floors.

The wood used to manufacture our floors comes from Canada and the United States. It is dried, turned into floor and subjected to rigorous quality control. It is then placed in our warehouse where humidity and temperature are controlled.

In addition, we are recognized as an authorized distributor in Quebec of the products Carver from Italy that offers natural and ecological oils, dyeing, water-based products and maintenance products for high quality hardwood floors.

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